Friday, July 11, 2008

CM Punk vs. Batista at WWE's Great Amaerican Bash - A Preview

Soon, CM Punk will make his first PPV Title defense of a major title at WWE's Great American Bash. He will be defending it against a man who very much typifies everything that CM Punk is not. That man is Batista.

Batista is a muscled out... well, "freak." He has a massive physique that could only possibly be described as unnatural. Needless to say, it is pretty safe to assume that Batista has been popping some pills, if not using some syringes.

When Batista first showed up, he wasn't nearly as muscled. However as soon as he got into the Evolution group and started getting a push, all of a sudden his size ballooned. As a result, over the course of the next year or two his in-ring work went downhill because of his lumbering form. Huge, unnatural muscles tend to work against a performer expected to move around at high speeds.

Batista's matches ceased to be very entertaining, unless he was placed against someone smaller like Shawn Michaels. Even though Batista's size has gone down considerably since the Chris Benoit tragedy, he still lumbers about the ring, and has obviously lost a good deal of the flexibility and speed he used to possess, all due to his drug use.

So here is my question: Why doesn't CM Punk mention that? CM Punk is drug free and straight edge - what is the purpose of being that way if the WWE will not allow him to point out the advantages that gives him? CM Punk is in peak physical condition - Batista is an unnatural, roided out monster.

CM Punk should stand in the middle of the ring before the Great American Bash, and talk about Batista's drug use. He should show old videos of Batista performing, moving faster, then should show clips of some of his recent matches, where even small movements seem labored.

Maybe then, the WWE wrestling fans would realize why being straight edge really matters in professional wrestling.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CM Punk: New World Champion!

CM Punk has finally arrived.

After putting around on ECW and not really doing a whole lot (except for a meaningless ECW Title reign), CM Punk finally got drafted to RAW at the 2008 WWE Draft. Before that he had been misused and hadn't been winning a whole lot.

Monday June 30th, 2008 is a day that may live forever. It was 9 PM, the show was WWE Raw, and the show opened with JR coming out and giving a farewell speech, which was then interrupted by Edge. Edge gave a great heel promo, before saying that he would never defend the belt against a WWE RAW Superstar again.

That brought Batista out, his opponent from Night of Champions. Batista proceeded to slowly and a bit awkwardly beat down Edge, eventually ending with a weak looking Batista Bomb in the ring.

As Batista walked up the ramp to the back, the straight edge hardcore superstar CM Punk's music hit. He had the Money in the Bank briefcase and his own referee with him, and stormed the ring. CM Punk was practically jumping out of his boots as he waited for what seemed like a very slow match introduction before they finally rang the bell.

CM Punk walked over and picked up a prone Edge and put him in the GTS.

1. 2. 3! CM Punk wins! CM Punk wins! CM Punk wins!

Well, Edge certainly got a taste of his own medicine, seeing as how he's cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase not once, but twice to win World Titles. CM Punk celebrated with his new World Title, in near tears.

As great as CM Punk is, this shows an amazing leap of faith in CM Punk by the WWE backstage crew and specifically Vince McMahon. For someone who was rumored to have a little bit of an attitude backstage (because CM Punk KNOWS how good he is just like HBK did back in '92) that's pretty amazing. It shows that Vince might start doing what's best for the business instead of pushing the tired, old and bland 'company guys'.

While this was a great moment for CM Punk, I can't help but feel that he will only be used as a transitional champion to get the belt from Edge to a top heel on RAW. I guess that's the way it goes, as I don't think they would trust him to carry their 'A' show right now. I immediately predicted after he won that he would be used as a transitional champion and drop the belt within the next 2 months to JBL, or perhaps (outside chance) Chris Jericho or a returning Randy Orton.

Sad but true, but it looks like we'll have to wait a while longer for CM Punk to get a long-term title reign. Then again, if the ratings suddenly jump with CM Punk carrying the show, who knows what might happen?