Sunday, January 25, 2009

CM Punk - Intercontinental Triple Crown Champion

CM Punk has won the Intercontinental Championship!

On WWE RAW CM Punk faced off with William Regal in Punk's hometown of Chicago. The match was long and grueling, with both opponents getting to do wrestling moves back and forth to each other in a showcase of struggling and what I think might have been grit. At one point it looked like Regal's mouth got busted open, though the announcers didn't acknowledge that.

Later on into the match, CM Punk did a springboard clothesline that he does all the time and it was awesome.

Finally CM Punk hoisted William Regal up on his shoulders for the Go 2 Sleep. Regal threw viscious elbows to CM Punk's face but CM Punk continued to show what I think might have been grit or determination or some sort of emotion possibly and then finally dropped William Regal's Face onto his knee, pinned him one-two-three, and sent him back home to the nursery.

CM Punk hoisted the WWE Intercontinental Title, but there is something that the announcers and WWE have yet to acknowledge.

CM Punk is the fastest ever WWE Triple Crown Champion, like a year or something crazy like that. Amazing show of faith in a young and amazing talent. He's held the ECW Title, WWE World Title, Intercontinental Title, and WWE Tag Titles.

CM Punk truly is and has been destined for many great things in the WWE and as a wrestler. Congratulations on your Intercontinental Championship, you'll need it on your mantle to go with the rest of your WWE gold and bling. BTW, you still have that ROH Title on your mantle?