Monday, August 4, 2008

CM Punk Wrestling Style Revitalizes WWE RAW

CM Punk has added a lot to WWE RAW. CM Punk's wrestling style is completely different than any competitor we have ever seen in the WWE. His fast paced, yet well executed style with his diverse array of unorthodox moves is refreshing. Here are a few of CM Punk's favorite moves:

The GTS or Go To Sleep

This is CM Punk's current finishing move, imported from Japan. In it, he lifts you up on his shoulders in a fireman's carry position, then drops you down face first onto his knee. No one has kicked out of it yet.

Anaconda Vise

This was the finisher of choice when CM Punk first came to the WWE on ECW. It is a submission hold, where he would slam you down in a Rock Bottom position, grab and arm and pull it up over the opponent's head. He would then pull back on their head, causing great pressure on the neck.

Shining Wizard In The Corner

CM Punk uses this move just about every match, which is often referred to as a simple "knee to the face." He often follows this brutal move up with a running bulldog out of the corner.

Springboard Leaping Clothesline

CM Punk gets good height off the ropes, and this move shows that he is athletic enough to fly like his smaller counterparts.


CM Punk will time to time leap to the outside of the ring onto one or multiple opponents, a truly surprising and devastating wrestling maneuver.

Pepsi Plunge

CM Punk has not done this move since he arrived in the WWE, though I eagerly await for the moment that he does it. However that moment may never come. The move itself is essentially a Pedigree off the top rope, so it is rumored that Triple H will not yet him use this destructive pro wrestling move.

Double Underhook Backbreaker

This is a move that at one time Chris Jericho used to do, though I haven't seen him do it recently. As someone who has experienced this move up close and personal, I can say for a fact that it hurts A LOT.


CM Punk can be seen doing this move on WWE RAW, where he holds the WWE World Championship. Every once in a while on the independent circuit, you could see CM Punk pull off a beautifully painful reverse hurricanrana.

CM Punk Strikes

CM Punk uses many unique kicks and strikes, including a spinning backfist as well as a roundhouse kick that has laid many opponents out.

That's about all of CM Punk's primary moves that you can see him perform every week at 9 PM on Monday Night RAW!